Apartments Accepting Evictions Houston

Houston Apartments Evictions? We can help!

People carrying an eviction history can become very discouraged when looking for an apartment,Houston Broken Leases specializes in helping people with credit or eviction problems. Our apartment locator specialists will gather your information and help you get through the initial obstacles. You are not alone - we will help you.

We are Licensed Texas Real Estate Brokers. For more than fifteen years we have helped several hundred people get accepted for rental apartments who have problems with evictions. Finding safe and affordable apartments and working with our network of apartment managers and apartment complexes, we get our customers through the initial difficult qualifying process. We can save the customer emotional distress, time and money.


No Cost to You! The Houston apartments pay us.


We Help You Find
the Right Houston Apartment.


We Eliminate the Guesswork and Save You Time.


We know which properties will work with you rental or credit problems