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Renting with a broken lease on record can be frustrating, but you can still find an apartment. Houston Broken Leases can help. We specialize assisting people with these special situations that make being approved for an apartment a really difficult challenge. We offer decades of experience. We will help you locate the perfect apartment that fits you and your family’s needs.

A broken lease is when a tenant abandons the terms of the lease agreement and leaves the property without landlord consent. When you break a lease, it can severely affect your tenant rating and hamper any chance of finding a good apartment in the future. Once it hits the landlord/tenant reporting databases, it stays on record for seven years. Because the landlord may also sue for the remainder of the agreed-upon rental amount, a judgment on the credit report soon follows. However, even if you have both of these stains on your record, you can still find a new place to call home.

Score Requirements

Most apartments have credit score or FICO score requirements. Some are more lenient than others. Often apartments managed by the same company will have different policies from their sister or related properties regarding credit, broken leases, evictions, foreclosures etcetera. The lower the credit score the fewer apartments or landlords will approve the applicant. Applications are often initially denied then approved by either a manager or regional supervisor and approved. This often occurs if there are a large number of available apartments in the community. Having a good record of job stability and income pays a strong part in eventually being approved

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