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For over two decades in and around Fort Bend County and the surrounding areas, Houston Broken Leases has been known as the top apartment locating service. Over the years, we have successfully assisted countless renters find affordable, and we can assist you to find an affordable rental property regardless of your credit history!

Fort Bend County has more than 585,000 individuals taking up residence there. Some of the known cities there are Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Stafford, Richmond and others offering economically-priced apartments regardless of an individual’s crediting rating.

You can still rent an apartment or rental property regardless if you have perfect credit or if you have bad credit. We can help you to find the best place to rent in Fort Bend County regardless of your credit or rental history. We assist renters get approved for all sizes and types of homes, apartments, townhomes, condominiums and other rental properties.

What Impacts Approval Process to Rent an Apartment in Fort Bend County?

Landlords, management companies and property owners look for negative marks on a person’s rental history and credit history to learn about their credit worthiness. They look for the following different kinds of negative marks on an individual’s credit report:

  • Low Credit Score / Low FICA Score
  • Bad or Poor Credit
  • Delinquency
  • Repossessions. Foreclosures or Evictions
  • A Broken Lease in Fort Bend County
  • Any Landlord or Rental Debt

When renting an apartment, an individual’s credit history, credit score and/or rental history are likely to affect approval process for renting an apartment. Many landlords may not rent to someone if they have bad credit or anything unsatisfactory showing up on their credit history. Houston Broken Lease Locators in Fort Bend County has the resources available to easily assist renters with finding a broken lease apartment regardless of any negative mark appearing on their credit report.

For People with Bad Credit – The Advantages of Having a Broken Lease Apartment

Just because you have poor credit and may need to get an apartment for people who have bad credit, it does not have to be a bad thing. You can look at it as a positive step in the right direction to repairing your credit. Starting over and repairing your credit will help you improve your credit history and credit score so hopefully you can get approved for other rental properties. To learn how to repair your credit, there is plenty of information found online and in public libraries.

For anyone, looking for a rental property or apartment can be an overwhelming task even for those who have great credit, but for those who have poor credit it is even more challenging. Fortunately, with the internet looking for a place to live is easier but while searching with terms like “broken lease apartments near me” or even “apartments for bad credit near me” it will produce countless listings. The great news is there are expert apartment locating services in Fort Bend County to assist you with locating an apartment without the aggravation of searching yourself. Houston Broken Leases is well-known as the top apartment locating service which is completely free to you for our service.

Most landlords require a written leasing agreement to be signed once an individual is approved to rent an apartment. A lease agreement is a written legal agreement between a landlord and a tenant with the specific terms detailed. Because a lease agreement is a legal document, it is recommended to thoroughly read it before signing it.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen out of a tenant’s control a lease agreement may need to be broken. The reasons to break a lease may include job less, job transfer, military deployment, medical or family emergency or some other unforeseen major situation. These are things that may happen and can affect an individual to break their lease.

Houston Broken Lease Locators has experienced apartment locators and professional leasing agents possessing the skills to help individuals locate the best apartment regardless of how bad their credit or rental history may be.

Fort Bend County Eviction Process:

An eviction is a lawsuit case brought to the court by a landlord to recover possession of the rental property in question.

The Eviction Process is a simple four-step process.

By law, a landlord who is alleging a tenant/renter who has not paid their rent must issue them a written notice or vacate notice. The notice can be delivered or given to the tenant by certified mail with a return receipt request, having a witness deliver to the tenant in person or by other means permitted by the law in Fort Bend County and the State of Texas. Once, the notice has been delivered or given to the tenant, the landlord must wait at least three days prior to filing a suit for eviction in Justice Court.

Filing an eviction suit includes filing an original petition with the court and all court fees must be paid prior to the court date. The court fees include the fee for the Constable in order to serve the citation and the fees for the court hearing. A citation is a legal notice given to the tenant by the landlord in order to evict the tenant.

The landlord must go to Fort Bend County Court in order to prove their case. Just filing an eviction suit will not mean the landlord will win the eviction suit. It is recommended the landlord bring all the pertinent records and evidence to Court. At the hearing, the landlord will need to present the evidence in order to demonstrate they are permitted to possession of the premises.

A Writ of Possession is filed after you have won the eviction suit in Fort Bend County Court and the required five-day appeal period has passed, if the tenant or other party remaining in the premises. A court order is given to the Constable to place the landlord in possession of the property which is called a Writ of Possession.


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